About Us

The Vibration Measurement Solution, Inc. is a full service industrial product help selection and trading company.  We provide product selection, delivery and engineering consulting services to entrepreneurs and companies of any size.

We specialize in the Vibration and Acoustics measurements, in Non-Destructive Testing and other industrial type measurement systems and devises and scientific products.  We have experience working with different vendors and manufacturing companies to provide our customers the best measurement or NDT solutions.  We also have experience developing industrial instrumentation, vibration measurement products, flow and temperature meter products.

The mission of our company is to minimize product development costs, production start up costs, and manufacturing costs while optimizing the performance of the products we provide for our customers.

Vibration Measurement Solutions, Inc.
1510 Eldridge Pkwy 110-145

Houston, TX77077, USA

Phone: +1-281-414-4244
Fax:  +1-281-558-1876

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